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At Bite Me Confections, we want to make our marshmallows in the happiest way possible. As we grow, we strive to have a little something for everyone and to spread that happiness to our customers in the best way we know - through food!

meet the mallows


      Bite Me Confections is a start-up business located in Franklin County, Virginia, offering the most delectable scratch-made marshmallows. These are not the puffed marshmallows of childhood peeps and s’mores. Each batch is scratch-made, hand-poured, and hand-dipped in high-quality white and dark chocolate. All are treated to a variety of delicious additions, some dripping with caramel and topped with nuts; others poured over gourmet crusts, and available in flavors such as lemon, peppermint, cappuccino, and vanilla. We are always experimenting with new flavor combinations, so stay tuned for new product alerts! 

Meet the maker

Making marshmallows has been a hobby of mine for over 10 years. Once you have had a homemade marshmallow, you will never want another store-bought one again! I have always made and given marshmallows as gifts at Christmas. I decided to try selling them at Dickens of a Christmas one year and that selling season proved to be successful.  I've been making marshmallows ever since!


Sebrina ruth-cooper
expert marshmallow mavin 

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